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Practical Solutions and Legal Representation in Employment Related Claims & Disputes

Resolving disputes and claims with employees requires careful and attentive analysis and consideration of all the legal and practical aspects of that situation. Each legal issue that the employer faces with a particular present or former employee needs to be approached in light of its unique facts and circumstances in order to find the most effective solution to the developing conflict. 

Our office specializes in finding practical solutions to complex and often stressful legal disputes and claims that employers face, including handling employment terminations, lay-offs, suspensions and other forms of discipline, providing reasonable accommodations to disabled workers, handling harassment and discrimination investigations, employee/ independent contractor classifications, overtime compensation claims, and other employment related claims. 

Generally, it is much easier and less expensive to prevent a claim or a lawsuit from being filed by an employee than dealing with a claim after it has been filed, and the employee hired an attorney to represent him. Therefore, we encourage you to discuss your plans of terminating an employee before you actually start the termination process with a competent employment attorney before actually going forward with the termination or any other serious disciplinary process or another decision that seriously affects that employee’s terms or conditions of employment.  

We are looking forward to helping you both prevent potential legal disputes with your employees and resolve present conflicts, claims or employment related lawsuits that your business is facing.

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